CCTV & Networking

Our CCTV Solutions

We offer both Analogue & IP Camera Installation services. This means we can tailor a system specifically to your chosen quality and budget.

We Install a variety of cameras from full 360 degree motion PTZ Cameras to Fixed varifocal lens 1080p HD IP Cameras. We provide a full installation service and maintenance support for our systems which includes full remote access from your laptop or smartphone, wherever you are in the world.

We only use the highest quality products meaning you get the most reliable service in the industry. Our DVR & NVR Recordable systems provide you with exceptional levels of security. Services include Motion Detection with the option of real time email alerts with pictures provided, so that you are alerted immediately. We also offer 24hr Support. Your safety and property is our top priority and with feature packed systems we can cater for all the individual needs.

Remote Viewing

All our systems come ready and equipped for Remote Access. We use the latest Apps for Smartphones & Tablets along with the best software for Laptop & Desktop Computers. Giving you full control of your cameras or camera system. Options for full Pan Tilt & Zoom Controls of specific cameras and Full Remote Playback of all Recordings.

We can also provide Live Audio feeds and even Two-Way Audio so that you can communicate via the CCTV System. Video footage can also be stored over the internet to Network Storage (NAS) Hard Drives if a suitable recording platform is not present at the CCTV system location.

Cost Efficient

We can utilise your existing home or business networks to install our IP cameras. Therefore negating the need for extra cabling and the hours needs to install the infrastructure. This enables us to provide a great service at a very competitive affordable price. With almost no signal degradation via Ethernet Cabling you can look forward to exceptional HD image quality.

Networking – Wireless Extensions – Ethernet Cabling – Telephone Systems

We offer a multitude of Networking Solutions to homes and businesses. We can extend a Wireless Network using a Wireless Range Extender, or if a Wireless solution is not possible we can install a hard wired Ethernet Cable fitted with a Wireless Access Point to provide a Full Speed Wireless Connection almost anywhere. There really are no limits to what can be achieved and we are well equipped to deal with even the most difficult of situations. Previous Installations have included Ethernet Cables suspended from steel wire between buildings or buried underground using Armoured cable and Underground Ducting.

We also offer a full Telephone Repair Service. We use the latest sockets and test equipment which enables us to quickly find any faults present and put them right with ease. From a Full Telephone Rewire, New Extensions or a Simple Repair, we are the first choice you should make, at an affordable price when compared to the likes of BT & Openreach.


See video footage from some of our previous CCTV & Webcam Installations (be sure to select HD!):

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